Sunday, November 7, 2010

Marc Jacob Wallet Review.

   Hi everyone. Been awhile since my last review. Here is a review of the Marc Jacob wallet I brought from Joy and so far it's my favorite wallet. Very well made and I love the color. There are a lot of compartments inside the wallet, so plenty of room for your bills, receipts, credit cards, and it could fit a small compact mirror and lip gloss to use as a clutch bag. I love the quilted pattern at the back of the wallet, which is stitched very nicely and not sloppy. In front of the wallet are two compartments, which are so cute. You could put coins or small items such as; jewelry so you could change your look easily. The only problem I have with the wallet is the zipper end is too long, which is a dead give away for a replica. I solve the problem by just tucking it inside the wallet, so it's not too bad. I recommend this wallet. It comes in many colors. I don't know if Joy have anymore because last time I check she was sold out of the white.
The left side of the compartment.

The right side of the compartment.

Front of the wallet.

Back of the wallet.
Inside of the wallet.

The label.

The end zipper is kind of long. This the only thing that I think was off.
The strap at the end of the zipper.
The other zipper strap.
The wallet measures under 4 inches wide.
The length measures around 7.5 inches.
The length of the zipper from one end to another is 10 inches.


  1. Great review. I'm curious, could you review a Louis Vuitton Monogram Speedy 30 from Joy? I wouldn't want to purchase something that I haven't seen from a reviewer first.

  2. I have bought a few monogram pieces from Joy and they are very close to the originals. From the pieces I've bought (eva clutch, artsy mm, wallet) the differences are that the canvas seems a bit dull and the LVs are more yellowish compare to authentic and the zipper pull on the eva had a molded piece instead of the two pieces (as mentioned in a feedback on the eva).

  3. Hello, would you mind posting jackys website? I was a client a while back but then he changed his website :/

  4. Great wallet. I am not into Marc Jacobs but that one is really nice. I like the two flaps on the front! The stitches looks perfect, too!

    Aside from the zipper, are the leather, color and size spot on with the authentic?

    Can you email me Jacky's contact? use the ID I'm using in this post then Would really appreciate it.

  5. girls from repchat seems to know Jacky's new website but are unwilling to share....can someone tell me his new site?

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  7. Thank you for the review and I really love your wallet - great color.

    I was interested in you to say that when the end of the zipper is too long, it is a sign that it is a replica. Could you explain what you meant please? Why would that particular detail be often so wrong? Thanks.

  8. Hi Feather and welcome to my blog. I am not an expect with Mac Jacob wallets, so I show it to a friend. My friend own a few pieces of authentic Mac Jacob items and when she saw my wallet she said the length of the zipper is too long, which makes them look like reps. I hope this answer your question.

  9. Thank you. So for ALL reps it is often that the zipper is too long? Do you know why? I can't think of a reason that would be on lots of reps.

  10. Hi Feather, I don't know why they make the zippers so long. You should ask the sellers that, maybe they will know.

  11. Hi Craftess!

    Thanks for all the amazing reviews! I am looking to purchase a new neverfull or the gucci equivalent artsy.

    I am wondering if you can give me some insight as to what to look out for. I am also interested in posting my review once I get the ideal bag.

    I can be reached at my AIM SN above.

    Thanks soooo much!

  12. Hi blknredstilettos and welcome to the blog. If you are looking for a gucci or neverfall, please read my post on not being scam on ioffer. It gives you some tips on shopping there for any rep bags. Since I don't own any of these bags I cannot tell you who has the best reps. My advice is ask around or search for own forums and see if anyone had posted pics of the neverfall or gucci and when you see the one you like found out where they buy it.