Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Sofia the Scammer.


Hi everyone. My adsense on this blog got messed up. I try to fix it, but cannot, so I create another blog just like Rep Bags. I transfer all the posts and almost everyone's comments on the new blog. The new blog is called REP BAGS CHAT. Here is the link From now on please go to the new blog site for updates on reps and to post all your comments. I will only be posting on from now on. Sorry for the inconveniences.
      Hi everyone, today I will be warning people about a blogger named Sofia Nolan, who runs the website People, please be careful. She is a scam artist. Her website is not there to help people find great replica bags, it is to promote her own online store of replica bags. I first knew about her when I was researching for reviews on where to buy replica bags or any forum that would help me. If you go to her website, which is, you will see that the blog is very well put together and looks very professionally done. It seems like she knows a lot of replica bags, but be warn. It's all smoke and mirrors. The picture, that suppose to look like her on the upper right hand corner of the blog, is fake. It looks like it was graphically designed, and looks cartoon like. Sofia Nolan could be a man for all I know. What I do see when reading her blog is that she mostly ask her viewers to buy from and she said that Fabaaa was a horrible site. I knew that wasn't true and something doesn't add up. Her website looks very fishy to me. 95% out of Sofia's mouth was I did take a look at replicavalley and got very turned off by the prices. It was twice as high as Joy's, Catty's and Jacky's. There was no way, I was going to buy from her even, if she does have great reps. ( In this case, the bags from was very poorly done. The quality  was bad and the stitching was off and very sloppy looking. This is according to the research I have been reading on some forums and other blog sites.)  I was still convinced that something wasn't right and my female instinct kicked it. Ladies, always listen to your gut feelings, if you ignore it, you pay for it later on. I google "Sofia Nolan" and also " sucks". I was so surprise at what I found it. It turns out that Sofia is affiliated with So it explains everything and why she has been promoting that website like crazy. I keep digging and I found out that,, and are all own by Sofia herself and she also goes by the name Eva Knox. She censors a lot of her viewers' comments. I try writing a comment and it was never posted, but however, I did received a lot of junk mail from promoting their bags. I never brought any bags or sign up for their newsletter, but somehow I was able to get e-mails from them. Coincidences? You tell me. That is when I knew that Sofia is 100% a scammer. If you look at all of the websites, they look the same. What are the odds? I got this information by reading the comments on and My advice is join Sofia's blog if you want information and pictures of the replica bags, but do not listen to her when she suggest where to buy replicas. To be honest, I wouldn't even waste my time.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

LV Mini Lin Speedy 30 Review

        The following rep bag review is from the LV collection Mini Lin. This is the speedy 30 #M95224. I brought this Mini Lin from Joy. I found Joy through another member from ioffer after trying endlessly to find the LV Monogram Denim Neo Speedy in blue. (Till this day, I have yet to find the best Denim Neo speedy. If anyone out there knows where to find a great mirror image, please let me know.) The member gave me Joy’s information and I contact her about her products. She was quick on her response and she answers all my questions and gave me pictures before I even buy any of her products, when requested. I have to say that Joy’s customers’ service is the best and she does bend over backwards for her customers. I find shopping from Joy is quick and easy and her products are great. It’s hard to find great seller who are honest and could communicate with you without broken English. On to the bag, I try to post a lot of pictures and measurement of the bag and make little comment, so anyone could make their own judgment if buying from Joy is worth it or not. 

The top of the bag
The front of the bag.
Inside of the bag.

The side of the bag.
The handle.
The Lock and Key, which has a nice weight to it and not cheap looking.

The serial number which is AR0140.
The leaf, please look at the stitching, which has 8.
More of the stitching on the other leaf
The stitching of the handle looks uniform.
The handle attachment stitching.
Pictures of both attachments.

Inside of the bag, picture of the ring.
When looking at any LV bags, make sure the LV logo is not cut off. That is the difference between a good and bad rep.

The Zipper.
Measurement of the back of the bag is 12inches.
The measurement of the side of the bag from bottom to top is 7.5in.

The measurement of the bag lengthwise is a little over 12in
The side of the bag measures around 6.5in.

       The material of the Mini Lin looks and feels pretty good. It does not feel cheap at all. A few people had brought the Mini Lin from Joy and posted pictures of it. They all loved their Mini Lin and I cannot agree more. This is not to promote Joy’s business or any replica business. I am just giving my honest opinion about buying from Joy or any other sellers. It is very important that everyone do their own research to find the correct measures, color, etc for any rep bags. I cannot say one seller is better than the other. It all depends on the type of bag an individual would buy. Joy might have the best LV bags, but her Balenciaga  is not the best and she doesn't have some of the designer bags like Chanel. Her prices are often more than Jacky’s or Catty’s. So, always shop around and ask questions. Try to study the bag you want to buy, look at the stitching, measurements and colors of the bag before buying. Please do research on this blog, or any replica bag blogs or forums, so you can compare who has the best replica bags.  
        I want to give everyone a heads up when buying from Joy. Be careful. In the past, I read from forums that Joy’s website is not safe and one customer had her credit card stolen and there were unauthorized charges. That customer never used the card before except on Joy’s website. Personally, this has never happen to me. I had order from her twice and both times I used google checkout. It’s been awhile since that incident had happened, so I am just assuming that Joy had already fixed the problem. Am I saying that I do not recommend her website? No, just be careful and look at your monthly credit card statement to be safe and if you want to be extra safe ask Joy that you prefer to use google checkout. Please visit me again; because I will be doing more LV bags review.




Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Balenciaga Vert D’ Eau Part-Time in GSH Review


Hi everyone. My adsense on this blog got messed up. I try to fix it, but cannot, so I create another blog just like Rep Bags. I transfer all the posts and almost everyone's comments on the new blog. The new blog is called REP BAGS CHAT. Here is the link From now on please go to the new blog site for updates on reps and to post all your comments. I will only be posting on from now on. Sorry for the inconveniences.

I have this say this little bag gave me a great deal of headache that comes to a point that I don’t even want to use it at all. I brought this bag from the ioffer seller Newbagfactory. If you have no idea what I am talking about please refer to my first blog title, 'Truth behind repchat and Newbagfactory'. I will still do a full review on this bag and hope to give people an insight on whether or not buying from Newbagfactory is worth it.

I waited almost three months for this bag which I dislike very much. I know there are a lot of Newbagfactory fans out there, but not everyone will have great buying experiences with them. It is ok to disagree with me about my feelings toward the seller. I just want to voice my opinion. Their customer’s service is ok and they do reply back to you in a timely manner, but I often feel they dodge around when asked about the shipping of my bag. Their answers are not concise and too much coincidence that makes me think that they are not truthful. If you want to know why, please read my first post.

On to the bag, when I first got the bag, there was no smell. Some ladies complain that when receiving any NBF bags there was a horrible smell to it and it take a few days to air out. I was the lucky one who got a nice smelling bag that has a light scent of leather smell. The color of the bag is a nice sea foam color to it. Minty light green would be my way of describing it. When touching the bag it was super dry and wrinkly around the corners. I brought some apple leather conditioner and try to moisturize the bag. I apply at least 3 to 4 coats already. I moistened it, but I still feel the bag is dry, but better than the first time. I posted picture of my bag for viewing and I also use a paper ruler to give you an idea how big the bag is.

This is the front of the bag.

This is a photo of the bottom of the bag. I am not a Balenciaga expert, so I do not know if this bag is suppose to have feet or not.If it does, please leave a comment below.

 Picture of the zipper.

 Picture of back of zipper.
The Picture above is inside of the bag, which is very roomy.

Picture of the label
Picture of the label inside the bag.

Picture back of the bag.
The back of the label has the serial number. The numbers are 168028.200047
Picture of the sliverware which is Giant Sliver Hardware.

 As you can see the handle it is very dry still and winkle. I hope with time and more conditioning it will moisten.
 Picture of the handles.
 Picture of the back of the mirror.

 Picture of the hardware right side.
 Picture front of the mirror.

 Picture of the hardware left side.
Picture of the strap. Some ladies have been complaining where the bales doesn't dip down. They use pliers to corrected it. I am not going to use the strap so it doesn't bother me. Personally I don't think anyone would notice the bales, if you are walking and swinging the bag as one lady mentioned. If it bothers you I would suggest buying it from another seller, (B&S).
Picture of the strap
 The width of the strap is 1.5 inches
The back of the bag measures in length around 16.5 inches. The width of the bag is almost 9 inches if you measure in the center (sorry I didn't take a picture of it).
 The front of the bag measures also 16.5 inches.
 The width of the handle measures 1 inch.
The length of the strap measures around 24.5 inches. 

If you measure the leather and the bales, it was measuring at 30 inches. 

      So the big question is do I recommend buying from Newbagfactory? The answer is yes and no. Yes as in they do have nice looking bags and better prices better than B&S and the quality is pretty good except for being too dry, which it can be fix over time with apple conditioner. No as in shopping for them is a hassle. It is true at the end they corrected the error and resend the bag to me, but if someone who is impatient and cannot wait, I wouldn't suggest them. (Personally, I would like my shopping experience to be happy and stress free. That is what shopping is all about- getting a great deal without losing your mind.) Their bag selection is not that big and if you want a particular color then it's a waiting game. Also the fact that I didn't like how they were sharing my personal information with other people. I don't think anyone would like to buy something online and there was some delivery problem and you mention it on a forum about your shopping experience, only to find out a total stranger contact the seller asking about your delivery status and if it was delivered to the correct address. That is crossing over the boundaries between seller and buyer agreement and privacy. Personally, I want to keep my privacy and will be shopping else where for my Balenciaga bags. Everyone who reads this does not have to agree with me. I am just posting my truthful review about my shopping experience.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The truth behind repchat and Newbagfactory.


Hi everyone. My adsense on this blog got messed up. I try to fix it, but cannot, so I create another blog just like Rep Bags. I transfer all the posts and almost everyone's comments on the new blog. The new blog is called REP BAGS CHAT. Here is the link From now on please go to the new blog site for updates on reps and to post all your comments. I will only be posting on from now on. Sorry for the inconveniences.

        Hi, Everyone and thanks for visiting my blog. I use to be a member of repchat under the name Craftress and I was happy that I finally found a forum that welcome everyone to share their buying experiences of replica bags. Finally a place that people could exchange ideas and show off their replica bags. Nobody need to be invited to be a forum. Even if you have no fashion background you could contribute to repchat. I was sick of 'The Fashion Spot' always being one sided and needed an invitation to be included. It was so high school and only the popular people could join, while the rest of us sit on the sideline and read and be envies. I find it very hard to just watch and cannot contribute at all. Also the bitchiness and cattiness that goes on makes it hard for me to even considered joining that forum. Deep down I hope someday, someone could create a forum that talked about replica bags from ioffer sellers; Joy, Jacky, Catty, B&S, David, T&D. I searched and read on different websites to finally found repchat which is a forum that does exactly that, and no one looks down at you for buying replica bags. It was a dream come true. I felt so at home and wanted to share with them my purchases from ioffer.
        It's funny how that phrase you keep hearing makes sense now. "Be careful of what you wish for, it might come truth". Repchat is turning into TFS. All the cattiness and bitchiness start slowly, but it will come sooner or later. What proof do I have? Let me first start off with the incident from buying a bag from Newbagfactory.
       Around June 5, 2010, I contact NBF asking about their bag Vert D'eau part-time. This was my first purchase from Tom and Dom and I have no idea what to expect. I read on TFS that you could place bags on hold and when they have the leather they will make it. I check their status on ioffer and they have 99% approval ratings. I also read a lot of people on the fashion spot forum raving how their bags are soooo good and divine. I took a chance and placed an order and paid in full on June 8, 2010. Before I even paid I asked the boys, "How long will the bag be shipped?" Their answer was, "2-3 week". I said fine. If I knew it was longer I wouldn't have brought the bag at all. After three weeks had passed, I e-mail the boys asking about my bag and when will they give me a tracking number. My e-mail was left unanswered, so I email them again the second time in three days. Still no answer, I got frustrated and wrote on the repchat forum that the boys did not answer my e-mail at all. One of the members suggest contacting them on ioffer. So I did that and I was able to get them to answer me. T&D never got my e-mails and I said ok. I accept it and it turns out that there was a manufacturing problem with the product according to the boys. So I said fine at least now I know what is going on. The boys even offer to give me a free gift for waiting so long. I told them it wasn't necessary, but just send me my bag instead. A week passed by and I e-mail them about my bag again and they told me they sent it out already. They gave me a tracking number. For two days that tracking number did not work at all. I was angry knowing that the boys just gave me a tracking number to buy them time, so I wouldn't bug them. I e-mail them again asking them to be honest if they had sent out my bag. They told me that they did, they have no reason to lie and the tracking number should work that day at night. In other words, they never mailed out my bag and waited until I asked them about it, then they made the effect in mailing out my bag. So I waited and waited for that post office to deliver my bag. Only to find out online by checking the status that the bag was sent to Jamica, NY (I live in NYC). At this point, I was angry that I had waited this long and the boys wrote the wrong address. I wrote them a very angry e-mail asking them about my bag and how they have sent it to the wrong address. They didn't sound apologetic at all, but ask me to call the post office instead. I did call the post office which is useless. The post office would not release the package to anyone who doesn't have the correct address and it was up to T&D to do a corrective address form. I wrote an e-mail telling T&D what the post office had told me and they would double check the address and get back to me. I was upset that I waited this long only to find out that my package cannot be delivered because of a stupid address error. I  wrote a long post on repchat forum discussing my dislike with T&D and my bad shopping experience with them. Instead of being open minded they attack me saying I was lying and I did not know what I was talking about. I even sent them a link showing that my package was shipped to Jamaica, NY. One member named Lunabe contact the boys about my delivery status and found out that the boys didn't write the wrong address and accused me of lying in order to get a free bag. Lunabe have no real evidence to accused me except an e-mail written from T&D, nor did she show the link to where my bag was being sent to. Not once did Lunabe wonder if the post office might had read the address wrong and sent it to the wrong address. Instead, she just blame the customers. This makes me more angry, having been accused and before I could even prove myself, the administrator took her side and just banned me without any proof except an e-mail of T&D saying that they wrote the correct address. For one thing, it is wrong of Lunabe to butt in and ask about my personal information without my permission. It is none of her business. She also wrote on the forum that she had the e-mail saying she has information of my correct address and willing to share with anyone who ask. At this point I was very upset that Lunabe would display that information to the public. What kind of person would do that? Anyone could get my information and committed fraud. I contact T&D asking if they share my personal information with that woman. They denied it. My question is how does Lunabe knew about my correct address? I never disclosed that information on the forum. T&D was the only other people that knew about it. Someone is lying. Most likely Lunabe and T&D exchange words about it. I am soooo angry with the cattiness and bitchiness from these women which makes me sick to my stomach. Instead of admitting that she was wrong, she edited the forum so that my post and others had been deleted, so there are no evidences. My question is, why deleted it? If you have nothing to hide or think you are right why erase it? Only people who knows they are wrong would hide things. This is another Rebecca Minkoff incident that happened on TFS. A group of women trying to hide or cover up bad experiences in order to protect their favorite seller.

Here is the real proof. My bag was sent to Jamica, NY. It was later on return to china as undeliverable.
My bag was not the only one who's bag was undeliverable because of the address. Please read a few links from the TFS.

Finally after almost three months and a lot of headache I got my Vert D'eau GSH part-time, which T&D resent the bag.

Am I writing this because I am bitter and I was banned and want revenge? No, I could careless about that. I would never waste my time on a forum that is one sided and just try to cover up things so they could look good. I am just upset with the administrator for taking sides and not hearing both side of the party. That forum has no democracy, only dictatorship. And one thing I hate most of all besides flaky people are people who call me a liar and have other people see me as that. Which I cannot stand for. I would do anything to show people the truth and protect my reputation. I have nothing to hide.

In the meantime, my search for an unbiased  rep bag forum continues. A place where anyone could share their feelings about the different replica sellers and not be tear apart and looked down upon for voicing their opinion. When people are too afraid to voice their opinion how do you expect people to find a great seller? I have no choice but to do my reviews of my rep bags on this blog and share with anyone who wants to read my reviews on Joy, Catty, B&S, Jacky etc. Maybe one day when I do have enough people interested I would create my own forum and I could guarantee you I won't ban anyone or delete post without good reason just to save face. I hope that one day women could put aside their cattiness and bitchiness and work together to find the best rep bags in the world. Then again, I wouldn't hold my breath.