Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Balenciaga Vert D’ Eau Part-Time in GSH Review


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I have this say this little bag gave me a great deal of headache that comes to a point that I don’t even want to use it at all. I brought this bag from the ioffer seller Newbagfactory. If you have no idea what I am talking about please refer to my first blog title, 'Truth behind repchat and Newbagfactory'. I will still do a full review on this bag and hope to give people an insight on whether or not buying from Newbagfactory is worth it.

I waited almost three months for this bag which I dislike very much. I know there are a lot of Newbagfactory fans out there, but not everyone will have great buying experiences with them. It is ok to disagree with me about my feelings toward the seller. I just want to voice my opinion. Their customer’s service is ok and they do reply back to you in a timely manner, but I often feel they dodge around when asked about the shipping of my bag. Their answers are not concise and too much coincidence that makes me think that they are not truthful. If you want to know why, please read my first post.

On to the bag, when I first got the bag, there was no smell. Some ladies complain that when receiving any NBF bags there was a horrible smell to it and it take a few days to air out. I was the lucky one who got a nice smelling bag that has a light scent of leather smell. The color of the bag is a nice sea foam color to it. Minty light green would be my way of describing it. When touching the bag it was super dry and wrinkly around the corners. I brought some apple leather conditioner and try to moisturize the bag. I apply at least 3 to 4 coats already. I moistened it, but I still feel the bag is dry, but better than the first time. I posted picture of my bag for viewing and I also use a paper ruler to give you an idea how big the bag is.

This is the front of the bag.

This is a photo of the bottom of the bag. I am not a Balenciaga expert, so I do not know if this bag is suppose to have feet or not.If it does, please leave a comment below.

 Picture of the zipper.

 Picture of back of zipper.
The Picture above is inside of the bag, which is very roomy.

Picture of the label
Picture of the label inside the bag.

Picture back of the bag.
The back of the label has the serial number. The numbers are 168028.200047
Picture of the sliverware which is Giant Sliver Hardware.

 As you can see the handle it is very dry still and winkle. I hope with time and more conditioning it will moisten.
 Picture of the handles.
 Picture of the back of the mirror.

 Picture of the hardware right side.
 Picture front of the mirror.

 Picture of the hardware left side.
Picture of the strap. Some ladies have been complaining where the bales doesn't dip down. They use pliers to corrected it. I am not going to use the strap so it doesn't bother me. Personally I don't think anyone would notice the bales, if you are walking and swinging the bag as one lady mentioned. If it bothers you I would suggest buying it from another seller, (B&S).
Picture of the strap
 The width of the strap is 1.5 inches
The back of the bag measures in length around 16.5 inches. The width of the bag is almost 9 inches if you measure in the center (sorry I didn't take a picture of it).
 The front of the bag measures also 16.5 inches.
 The width of the handle measures 1 inch.
The length of the strap measures around 24.5 inches. 

If you measure the leather and the bales, it was measuring at 30 inches. 

      So the big question is do I recommend buying from Newbagfactory? The answer is yes and no. Yes as in they do have nice looking bags and better prices better than B&S and the quality is pretty good except for being too dry, which it can be fix over time with apple conditioner. No as in shopping for them is a hassle. It is true at the end they corrected the error and resend the bag to me, but if someone who is impatient and cannot wait, I wouldn't suggest them. (Personally, I would like my shopping experience to be happy and stress free. That is what shopping is all about- getting a great deal without losing your mind.) Their bag selection is not that big and if you want a particular color then it's a waiting game. Also the fact that I didn't like how they were sharing my personal information with other people. I don't think anyone would like to buy something online and there was some delivery problem and you mention it on a forum about your shopping experience, only to find out a total stranger contact the seller asking about your delivery status and if it was delivered to the correct address. That is crossing over the boundaries between seller and buyer agreement and privacy. Personally, I want to keep my privacy and will be shopping else where for my Balenciaga bags. Everyone who reads this does not have to agree with me. I am just posting my truthful review about my shopping experience.


  1. thanks pretty bag and review. where can I find NBF please?

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  3. thanks I will definitely have a look :) do you have 'B&S' and 'Joy's' details too, what would i google as i would love to see some LV's. thanks craftress. jenny

  4. Hi Jenny, I will give you her website in my next review which will be in a day or two. There is some very important information you must be alert when shopping her website.

  5. I am interested in purchasing a LV Boetie MM bag. I am so confused. Each website says not to order from the next. I ordered from replicavalley which turned into pursevally by this am...I cancelled it at once. I am so frustrated.

  6. Hi Doreen and welcome to my blog. I am glad you found out about replicvalley and cancel your order. If you want a LV Boetie MM bag. I suggest you do some research from other forums and see if others have brought that same bag and posted pictures up. That way you could compare and see if it was a good rep. If you want you, could ask the ladies from for their opinion and advice. Most likely they are going to ask you to buy it from fabaaa.

  7. I love your blog! Thanks for all of these awesome, honest reviews. Can't wait to see more!

  8. Hey , Ive been wondering where to find jacky's site Ive been researching for a while. If you have any info that would be great , I know all to well looking on TFS. Thanks

  9. hi, was wondering if you have the links to jacky and catty's website? Have heard so much about them and wanted to check out what they have to offer?

  10. hello there, just a question, was the bag and leather slouchy like original balenciagas?

  11. Sorry Shamz, didn't know I have a question. The bag and leather is just as slouchy compare to the bal bags. I have several people on TFS made that observation.