Monday, October 25, 2010

Tips on not being scammed when buying from


Hi everyone. My adsense on this blog got messed up. I try to fix it, but cannot, so I create another blog just like Rep Bags. I transfer all the posts and almost everyone's comments on the new blog. The new blog is called REP BAGS CHAT. Here is the link From now on please go to the new blog site for updates on reps and to post all your comments. I will only be posting on from now on. Sorry for the inconveniences.

Hi everyone, I know a lot of people have been asking me about finding a great replica bag from or any other sellers. Here are some of my tips that I used when shopping for great reps. This will help some shopper pick a great seller and not be ripped off. I know this can be confusing, but if you follow my tips it might help you out on saving money and getting a great rep.

1. I type in the bag I want and I sort the listed of bags from Lowest to highest price. Do not go for sellers that is the cheapest online. Cheap doesn't mean good or expensive doesn't mean good either. RESEARCH is the way to go. From that list, I skip all the bags that have pictures of authentic bags or stolen pictures from other website. Pictures could be deceiving, so skip all the listings that have fake pictures or you think the pictures are off. If they have watermark, that is good. DO NOT BE AFRAID TO ASK FOR MORE PICTURES FROM THE SELLER OR ASK QUESTIONS. If the seller avoid that question you should avoid buying from them.

2. Skip all the sellers that have less than 99% approval ratings and sold less than 100 bags in their profile. 

3. Once you narrow all the sellers that has less than 99% approval rating, look at how many of bags they sold. Pick the seller that sold the most bags in their profile. Don't just pick any sellers with just 99% approval ratings. That can be deceiving. Always read the negative feedback from the buyers. It is usually listed on the last page of the seller's feedback page. Ioffer usually put it in the last page, because it puts sellers in a negative light. Reading the negative reviews give you an idea of how sellers handle the situation when there is a problem. Were the seller able to fix the problem or they ignore it? When did it happen? Did a lot of negative feedback start popping out recently, if it did, that is telling me that the seller is dealing with problems in their own life or manufacturing problems in the factory. You should avoid it. Click on a few of the negative review and read the exchange of communication between buyer and seller. See if the seller was good at communicating and did s/he ignore the buyer's questions? If they ignore the buyers questions, mostly likely they will ignore the buyer when there's a problem in the future. Reading the conversation also give you an idea that sometimes the buyer is being unreasonable and refused to work with the seller. 

4. It is also a good idea to contact any pass buyers of the bag and ask them personally how they like the bag. They might ignore you, but there is a chance they will answer you back. Questions like, How is the stitching, color and shape of the bag? Do you recommend this seller? etc.

5. Another way of picking a seller is when members from bag forums put pictures of their purchases online. If you see what you like go buy it from that seller. 

6. I cannot say one seller is better than the other. One seller might sell the best LV bags, but their Chanel is not great or their Gucci is bad. Another seller might have great Balenciaga bag, but not Hermes. My advice is buy from the seller according to their specialty.

I hope some of my tips help people in finding great replica bags. I know recently that my readers are asking me about Jacky, Catty or any other sellers. I am not being a bitch and being a seller hoarder. I do not mind sharing, which I will be doing in my future post. Please be patience. I just want to find a fair and great way in sharing so everyone could benefit. 

Saturday, October 16, 2010

A whole bunch of Coach reviews.

    This is one of the designer labels I refused to buy reps. I didn't see any point because it's so cheap buying an authentic from any outlets and on top of that Coach factory would often have discount. Often times I would get an additional 20% coupon off of all purchases. I am not much of a Coach  bag lover. I have yet to find a coach bag I really love that fits my style. I often purchase wristlets, wallets and just recently I purchase a fanny pack which I love. Yes, I am guilty of bring back the 80's with a fanny pack purchase. This is a mini haul of my Coach collection. It's not much, but hopefully I will be getting more in the future.

The front of the fanny pack.

The back of the two buckle.

Inside of the bag.

The end of the fanny straps.

The back of the bag has another compartment.

The length of the bag is almost 9inches.

The bottom of the bag measures 8.5 inches.

The length of the bag connecting to the strap is 15 inches.

The front of the wristlet.

The strap.
Close up of the labels.

Inside of the wristlet.

 The length of the wristlet is 6inches.
Front of a wristlet. I love the flower imprint.

The label.

The other side of the wristlet.

The length is 6inches.
The front of the wristlet.
The label.

The back of the wristlet.

The length is 6inches.

Inside of the wristlet linings.
Front of the wallet.

Another front view of the wallet.
Back of the wallet.
Inside of the wallet.
The back of the wallet.
  The length of the wallet is almost 7inches.
The measurement side to side is 3inches.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Gucci Belt Bag in Gold review. (Fanny Pack)

   I have never brought any Gucci bag reps before. This was my first purchase from the seller Xiaofangch. I was disappointed with this bag, because the gold rubbed off at the front of the bag. I am not that picky, but it's pretty noticeable. If it was underneath of the flap, I wouldn't care. The shipping is pretty fast. I got the bag in less than a week. The price of the bag was not worth it. I was so in love with this belt bag from the beginning and wanted it. Joy sold out of the gold belt bag and I had to find an alternative. I looked at bags from other rep sites, but they were charging so much money. On ioffer there were only two sellers that were selling the bag, so not much to pick from. I got very impatient and just brought it from this seller thinking the seller will sell out of it. I hate return things, it's too much hassle. Next time, I try to be more patient and wait for a better seller. I will still use the bag. Here are the pictures.

The front of the bag.

The front of the first compartment.

This is the part where the gold is rubbed off.

The end of the belt buckle

Pic of the whole side of the compartment.

The opening of the compartment.

The other side of the compartment with zipper.

The back of the bag.

The other end of the buckle

Inside of the label.
The back of the bag measures around 12 inches.

The measurement of the bag from top to bottom is 6inches.

LV Monogram Denim Pleaty Review.

      Hi everyone, this is another bag review from Joy. I am pretty impress with this bag. It looks great with somewhat proper stitching and nice denim color. Take a look at the pictures and tell me what you think. I am not going to write too much about it and post more pictures instead. I hope this give you a better idea if this bag is worth purchasing or not. I think the only thing I do not like about the bag is the side of the red paint is too light (It should be a deeper red color.) and the stitching of the handle area is a little off. It's not too noticeable. It doesn't bother me.

Front of the bag buckle.

Back of the buckle.

The back of the bag.

The side of the bag

The bottom of the bag.

The handle.

The  stitching is a little slanted.

The other side of the handle, where the stitching is a little slanted as well.

Pic of the other handle.

More pic of the handle.

The front of the bag.

The label.

The snap button.

The other side of the snap button.

A pic of the pocket compartment.

The serial # is V10150

The side of the handle as you can see the red paint edging is not deep in color.

Measurement of the bag is 11 inches.

The handles.

The measurement of the bottom of the bag is around 12inches.