Thursday, October 7, 2010

Gucci Belt Bag in Gold review. (Fanny Pack)

   I have never brought any Gucci bag reps before. This was my first purchase from the seller Xiaofangch. I was disappointed with this bag, because the gold rubbed off at the front of the bag. I am not that picky, but it's pretty noticeable. If it was underneath of the flap, I wouldn't care. The shipping is pretty fast. I got the bag in less than a week. The price of the bag was not worth it. I was so in love with this belt bag from the beginning and wanted it. Joy sold out of the gold belt bag and I had to find an alternative. I looked at bags from other rep sites, but they were charging so much money. On ioffer there were only two sellers that were selling the bag, so not much to pick from. I got very impatient and just brought it from this seller thinking the seller will sell out of it. I hate return things, it's too much hassle. Next time, I try to be more patient and wait for a better seller. I will still use the bag. Here are the pictures.

The front of the bag.

The front of the first compartment.

This is the part where the gold is rubbed off.

The end of the belt buckle

Pic of the whole side of the compartment.

The opening of the compartment.

The other side of the compartment with zipper.

The back of the bag.

The other end of the buckle

Inside of the label.
The back of the bag measures around 12 inches.

The measurement of the bag from top to bottom is 6inches.

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