Saturday, August 21, 2010

LV Mini Lin Speedy 30 Review

        The following rep bag review is from the LV collection Mini Lin. This is the speedy 30 #M95224. I brought this Mini Lin from Joy. I found Joy through another member from ioffer after trying endlessly to find the LV Monogram Denim Neo Speedy in blue. (Till this day, I have yet to find the best Denim Neo speedy. If anyone out there knows where to find a great mirror image, please let me know.) The member gave me Joy’s information and I contact her about her products. She was quick on her response and she answers all my questions and gave me pictures before I even buy any of her products, when requested. I have to say that Joy’s customers’ service is the best and she does bend over backwards for her customers. I find shopping from Joy is quick and easy and her products are great. It’s hard to find great seller who are honest and could communicate with you without broken English. On to the bag, I try to post a lot of pictures and measurement of the bag and make little comment, so anyone could make their own judgment if buying from Joy is worth it or not. 

The top of the bag
The front of the bag.
Inside of the bag.

The side of the bag.
The handle.
The Lock and Key, which has a nice weight to it and not cheap looking.

The serial number which is AR0140.
The leaf, please look at the stitching, which has 8.
More of the stitching on the other leaf
The stitching of the handle looks uniform.
The handle attachment stitching.
Pictures of both attachments.

Inside of the bag, picture of the ring.
When looking at any LV bags, make sure the LV logo is not cut off. That is the difference between a good and bad rep.

The Zipper.
Measurement of the back of the bag is 12inches.
The measurement of the side of the bag from bottom to top is 7.5in.

The measurement of the bag lengthwise is a little over 12in
The side of the bag measures around 6.5in.

       The material of the Mini Lin looks and feels pretty good. It does not feel cheap at all. A few people had brought the Mini Lin from Joy and posted pictures of it. They all loved their Mini Lin and I cannot agree more. This is not to promote Joy’s business or any replica business. I am just giving my honest opinion about buying from Joy or any other sellers. It is very important that everyone do their own research to find the correct measures, color, etc for any rep bags. I cannot say one seller is better than the other. It all depends on the type of bag an individual would buy. Joy might have the best LV bags, but her Balenciaga  is not the best and she doesn't have some of the designer bags like Chanel. Her prices are often more than Jacky’s or Catty’s. So, always shop around and ask questions. Try to study the bag you want to buy, look at the stitching, measurements and colors of the bag before buying. Please do research on this blog, or any replica bag blogs or forums, so you can compare who has the best replica bags.  
        I want to give everyone a heads up when buying from Joy. Be careful. In the past, I read from forums that Joy’s website is not safe and one customer had her credit card stolen and there were unauthorized charges. That customer never used the card before except on Joy’s website. Personally, this has never happen to me. I had order from her twice and both times I used google checkout. It’s been awhile since that incident had happened, so I am just assuming that Joy had already fixed the problem. Am I saying that I do not recommend her website? No, just be careful and look at your monthly credit card statement to be safe and if you want to be extra safe ask Joy that you prefer to use google checkout. Please visit me again; because I will be doing more LV bags review.





  1. I have to disagree with you on the error charges on that person's credit card because you always checkout through Google. That's a lie...

  2. Hi Kim and welcome to the blog. I am not sure what do you mean that it’s a lie. Do you mean the person who got her credit card stolen when ordering from Joy’s website is lying and that it never happened to her? I cannot really comment on it, because it didn’t happen to me. I read about it on the forum. (I am just making everyone aware of the situation. If I was a customer, I would like to know these things. Wouldn’t you?) I don’t think that person have any reason for lying. If you would like to read the forum or question that person, go to and click on the section that says “shopping experience with Joy/Cindy”. Read about it and judge for yourself. If you are saying that using google checkout doesn’t mean that your credit card information is safe, then please share with us what you know. If you have bad experiences with google checkout, please tell us what happen, so we could learn from it.
    Or are you saying that I am lying for using google checkout and that Joy's website doesn't have that feature. (It's true that Joy didn't list that feature as payment on her website, it doesn't mean she don't offer it.) I am not lying, If you would like, you could always go to her website and write her an e-mail asking if she has google checkout as a payment option.

  3. i just read as you suggested, thanks. it says on the repchat site to use googlecheckout or paypal with joy, not credit card - or that's what joy has told - so why would anyone go and use a credit card if taht's the advice. i think it is safe, so many people buy from her and use her recommended methods, no?. jenny

  4. ps: can you please post jacky or catty site please so i can compare prices? thanks. j

  5. Hi Jenny, Whatever method is fine as long as people are aware and just keep an eye on their monthly credit cards for any extra charges.

  6. Hi j-I will be posting another post later on with details about getting their website in a few days.

  7. Hi Craftress, have you gotten a chanel maxi jumbo from Jacky or Catty before? Who is more recommended? Have you also gotten a Birkin?

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  9. Hi! Is your LV Mini Lin from Joy very close to authentic? It's so pretty! I've never considered Mini Lin before but when I saw yours, I want to get one too! I'll be waiting for your reply! :-)

  10. Hi mail_laarni, and welcome to my blog. So far, I have been very impress with the bag. I have also read from other forums that they liked the mini lin from joy.

  11. Thank you! I think Mini Lin from Joy is going to my wishlist! By the way, do you have Joy's email address? Because when I look at Fabaaa I don't see an email address. It just says contact us. If I use that form, is it Joy who is going to respond?

    Also, I'm probably asking too much but do you happen to have Jacky's website? Thank you, thank you. I'd really appreciate it so much!

  12. Hi mail_laarni, Just use that form, she will contact you and pretty quick too. Jacky just changed his website and I don't have it. Sorry.

  13. Hi Lily and welcome to the blog. I haven't brought any Chanel, because it's not my style. I don't know who to recommend, so you have to look at pictures from other blog to see which has the better Chanel. I have been hearing conflicting stories between the two seller. I also heard Pinkchery is good as well. As for the Birkin I wouldn't feel right carrying that around, because it's hard to pull off. Lets face it, would you think my Birkin bag is real if I am getting out of a 1999 Toyota Camry? That bag costs as much as a second hand car.