Thursday, November 18, 2010

Hermes Birkin with silver hardware 40cm grey bag review by Ace

The following bag review is by Ace and he is great to write a very detail summary of his Hermes Birkin from Joy. Thank you Ace.

"My Birkin arrived very promptly, all the way from China to California in less than a week. Ordering was easy and customer service with Joy. She was wonderful as usual. Joy is great at answering all questions and is honest about her products. If only the bag was as wonderful as Joy is... unfortunately, the Birkin had been stuffed into a small box, thus severely deforming it and bending the bag out of shape. The handles were especially bad - they were facing the wrong directions and looked terrible. This was very frustrating for me, as I look forward to being able to take a great replica out of the box and use it straight away.
There was also some sort of white paint or glue on the top edge of the Birkin. At first, I thought it was paper, so I tried to scratch it off. After trying and trying to remove the substance, I finally succeeded, but took a chunk out of the leather as a result. Annoying! Speaking of the leather, it is not nearly as soft or supple as I hoped it would be. I have an authentic Birkin for comparison, and this replica is hard to the touch and very stiff. The bag is rigid and feels like canvas.

The attention to detail is pretty good -Joy did a great job with the "Hermes - Paris" engraving on the metal plate - however, the stamped letters on the bag's strap are crooked and look unprofessional. I finally decided that the bag is NOT worth $200, and emailed Joy with a request to send it back.

Overall, I would give the whole experience a 5/10. I've used Joy in the past and like their products, bu not this time. Their Birkin needs a lot of work, and I would advise looking elsewhere for Hermes."


  1. nice pics. from what I was told the best Hermes reps will run from $275-600 including shipping. From what I have read, Joy's Hermes isn't good. I am not into Hermes reps as I don't think carrying one matches my lifestyle, career and income, vehicle and apartment. I feel the same way about Chanel. I remember there used to be a good Hermes guy on ioffer but his bags were on average $400 shipped. He isn't on anymore but this was back in 2007. I think Joy's supplier is the same as several other sellers so be careful. Also, packing of these bags is so important. It's upsetting when someone tries to squeeze a bag into a small box to save a few bucks shipping. It's a disaster for bags like the Gucci Horsebit and some of the LV bags with the brass closures.


  2. Nice post DiDi, this is why I tell everyone to do their own research and look at pictures carefully. Not every seller would have great reps all the time. Pick the seller according to their specialty.

  3. Someone posted the exact same pictures as these and almost the exactly same worded review over on Repchat, but under a different name. And I mean EXACT. Weird...

  4. Any recomendation on where to get good hermes replica?