Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Hi everyone, sorry I didn't post anything yesterday. I was working hard to create a forum for everyone to post pictures and share. I am not very computer savvy, so it takes me awhile to learn the odds and ends of starting a forum. Here is the new forum address. http://repbagschat.forumotion.com/ Here are the rules and regulations for posting on the forum.

Hi everyone and welcome to Rep Bags Chat. My name is Craftress I useto be a member of repchat, but due to the unfair treatment there. I left and create my own blog and forum. I hope this forum help everyone to learn, share and exchanges reviews on rep bags. I am making a promise to everyone that I will not collect any fees or ask anyone to donate or ask any form of money from anyone.

The whole point of me creating a blog
http://repbagschat.blogspot.com/ and a forum is to help everyone, not only, me to learn more about rep bags. I hope my forum helps everyone. The only thing I ask my members is follow the rules and regulations on this forum. I will not ban anyone on this forum for voicing their opinion or dislike. I am unbais and I do not pick sides. I only ban members who don't follow the rules on this forum. The rules and regulations are really simple.
1-Be respectful of of each other. Everyone has a right to voice their opinion.
2-Do not post any seller's information. It will be taken down. If you need sellers's information please ask other members or write a bag review.
3-Please share and make comments. The more people share and exchange ideas and reviews it will help everyone here on this forum. DO NOT BE AFRAID to SHARE.
4-You will be ban if you post spam on the site.

I will try to move some of my posting on the forum. Hopefully everyone will come and contribute and help everyone out.

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