Tuesday, September 14, 2010

LV Epi Leather Speedy 30 in Fuchsia M59022 review

     The follow review is for the LV Epi Leather Speedy 30 in Fuchsia (M59022). I brought this bag from Joy and this is by far the best replica of all the bags I brought from Joy. I have not found any flaws at all except for one, which is very minor. The LV logo on the side of the bag is not imprinted deep enough. That’s about it. The color is gorgeous and the stitching and size of the bag looks great. There are two big compartments in the bag and it"s great for putting in you personal items, or cell phone, keys, small wallet, etc. This is a fun colorful bag that would spark or give a pop of color to any plain outfit. I love this bag so much. Please use the pictures I took as a reference. This would help you decide, if you wish to buy the LV Epi Leather Speedy 30 in Fuchsia.
Front of the bag.
The lock and the leaf.
 Side of the handle.
The handle.
The Zipper.
Close up of the zipper.
The indentation of the LV logo.
Close up of the leaf logo.
The side of the bag with the pocket.
Inside of the bag.
Picture of the other side of the handle.
The inside bag of the label.
I turn the bag inside out to show you two big compartments.
This was the flaw I was talking about. The logo  LV indentation was too light.
The bottom of the bag.
Picture of the lock.
The measurement of the bottom of the bag is 12inches.
The measure of the side of the bag is 12inches.
The measurement side where the side pocket is 7inches.
The measurement of around the bag is 26inches.
The serial # is SP0067.


  1. Hey Craftress! Just want to say that your blog is really brilliant! Absolutely unbiased and detailed reviews. Honest as well. Definitely a must-read for me from now on!

    Keep up with the awesome work!

  2. hi, do you have catty and jacky's store's links?
    thank you

  3. FINALLY!! An unbiased and NICE place to talk about reps!!! After getting conned by Sofia (a terrible, terrible Chanel flap and watch that fell apart in two days) and practically chased of TFS, it's a relief! Thanks!

  4. I would love to find the website of Jacky and Catty, can anyone point me in the right direction?

  5. I love how you put up a lot of pictures. Even measurements! That is so helpful. I am just staring to buy replica bags so I am researching. Once I buy some I will take lots of pictures of them as well so I can post and help others as well.

  6. can someone please tell me the link for Jacky, Catty, and Newbagfactory on iOffer? please! thank you!

  7. Can anyone pls email me Jacky, Catty, and Joy's website--frappwitz@yahoo.com. Please...

  8. Me too! I would love the link for Jacky and Catty! I have been searching for a great ioffer seller for YEARS. Thanks and perty please:D I don't understand peoples reluctance to share this information.